The Life in the UK Test Preparation Course

This course will guide you through what you need to know to pass the Life in the UK Test. Designed by experienced educators with feedback from past test takers, the course aims to be a clear and purposful learning experience.

Official data shows that the failure rate of Life in the UK Test is 33%.

Did you know that one in three people fail the Life in the UK test?

Of course, if you fail you could take the test again and again until you pass but each time you take the test means more time and more money. Your time, your money. Do you want to waste that time and money? Wouldn’t it be better to pass first time?

At BCLearning we have a better way and we are committed to helping you pass first time, saving you both time and money. Our course has been designed with you in mind, we understand the challenges you face and we are dedicated to supporting you to success.

Why study with us?

You could just study the official handbook but we believe our innovative approach makes it easier for you to learn and helps prepare you to take the test with confidence. Whilst we cannot guarantee you will be successful first time, our team is dedicated to help you succeed.

What sets us apart from others?

You may have seen other Life in the UK courses but we are confident that our unique blend of highly experienced tutors, working with people that have already completed and passed the Life in the UK test, sets us apart from others. Our course has been designed by an experienced Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy with over 30 years of teaching experience. In addition to his PhD, Dr Clive Buckley holds two Masters’ degrees and began online teaching as far back as 1995. His work in using technology to support learners and his online teaching approach has been published in a number of text books and in research publications. To that we add expertise in multi-media and experience of passing the Life in the UK test and achieving British citizenship. We truly believe that our expert team, our original learning material and the supporting resources, including mock tests give you the best chance of passing first time. Can others offer you that?

Five Reasons Making this Course Stand Out:

The test points are carefully studied, refined and updated from the learning community composed of real test takers, making sure that the contents in the course have a good match with the real test.

Slides and presentation are carefully designed to help you learn efficiently. Using our academic background and years of experience, we provide a comprehensive course designed with you in mind.

We provide you with an electronic copy of the official ‘ Life in the United Kingdom’ but with our course you may not need to read this in detail. We provide the most important “key facts to be remembered to save you time. We believe our videos, key notes and extensive quizzes give you a far better chance of passing the Life in the UK test first than reading the book alone. Remember if you fail the test, each re-test will cost you another £50 – can you afford to pay that time and time again?

Our mock test system is self-adaptive. Questions that you have answered wrong will be automatically emphasized in the future mock tests to reinforce your learning. Details are in “How to use the mock test”.

Our course is compatible with mobile devises such as tablets and smart phones and our support team aim to answer any of your questions within 48 hours.


The usual registration period is 3 months which costs £30 but this can be extended for an additional charge. Our research shows us that 3 months is sufficient time for most people to be successful. For a limited time (4 months after your registration) only, we offer a refund of £5 if you provided feedback after you have completed the course. This feedback may be used for marketing purposes.

Disclaimer: This course has been designed to help you pass the Life in the UK test but we cannot guarantee that you will be successful. The course is for guidance only and it is important that you check with the Home Office for the latest information and legal requirements.

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