We cannot give you exact data because not all of our clients provide feedbacks. However, those who provided feedbacks mostly pass the test at the first time.

Some of them, yes; some of them, no. Our questions ask the same test point in different ways, making sure you handle it. Some of them are not real test questions but have the same capacity to reinforce your memory of the test point.

It can be downloaded from the dashboard after your payment. Link.

The best way to learn this course is to follow the topics:

For each topic,
1.Watch the short video to get a first impression.
2. Remember the points listed in the “Key facts to be remembered” document.
3. Watch the short video again to consolidate your memory.
4. Do the quiz to make sure that you have remembered the testing points.
5. Use the “improve yourself” alternative in the quiz system to handle the knowledge points that you have not remembered. In this mode, the questions that you have answered wrongly will have a higher chance to appear in the mock test.

After finishing all the topics,
carry out mock tests (24 questions, 45 minutes) covering the whole book.

No. The first two videos and quizzes are free. If you want to use this course, you need to pay from the third one.

The 5 pounds refund is the reward to clients who provide us with feedback after the real test. After taking the real test, you may feel the feedback form. By answering all of the questions, the form will be sent to our administration centre for approval. If approved, the 5 pounds will be refunded to you within one week. If not, you will be contacted by email of what needs to be improved in your feedback until you get the refund.

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